Optimistic Denial and Joy

Some people have a living, breathing miracle in their family. We have two – my dad and my daughter. Two amazing, resilient warriors. Both have overcome so much. In life, you can count yourself lucky if you have a day or two that just make your heart nearly explode with joy. I’ve had many and today was one of those days. This picture was taken shortly after Jordan finished her last chemo treatment. We were happy and cautiously hopeful. Fast forward to today and she continues to thrive, defying the odds. She had a follow up appointment with her radiation oncologist today. As you might imagine, there’s a certain amount of trepidation and fear – and a healthy dose of optimistic denial – that goes along with these appointments. You always wonder . . . I think we always will. But, today she remains cancer free! I usually rush to share this happy news but waited patiently for her to post it first. Prepare for a social media explosion. My baby is happy, healthy, and well. There is no greater joy.

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