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Life is too, too short not to live the life you want to live. If you don’t know what that looks like for you, start thinking about it and, when you know, take that first step toward the life you’ve been dreaming of – no regrets.

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  • Happy Valentines Day
    I love this picture of my daughter and I. It was taken just after her first chemotherapy treatment. Reminds me that you can smile on the darkest of days. Reminds me of where we’ve been. Reminds me of how far we’ve come. Reminds me to be thankful for every day. Reminds me of all the … Continue reading Happy Valentines Day
  • This Just In
    I made my first five dollars as a writer today. My flash fiction piece was accepted by Flash in a Flash with a February 21st publication date. Feels good! #writing community #amwriting
  • Optimistic Denial and Joy
    Some people have a living, breathing miracle in their family. We have two – my dad and my daughter. Two amazing, resilient warriors. Both have overcome so much. In life, you can count yourself lucky if you have a day or two that just make your heart nearly explode with joy. I’ve had many and … Continue reading Optimistic Denial and Joy